How far in advance do I need to schedule my move?
Generally, the more time we are notified in advance of a move, the more time we have to obtain the date you request. However, we've had customers book a move 1 day in advance! We understand that moving is hectic and Shannon Moving will do our best to accommodate your needs in scheduling your move.
Do you do packing?
Shannon Moving offers packing and unpacking services. We are expert packers. If customers prefer to pack their own goods, we have a wide variety of materials available to purchase for packing.
What happens if I need storage?
Shannon Moving can provide storage for you in San Francisco, California. If you require storage in the area you are moving, we can make arrangements for this too. Storage is available for as little as one month to several years.
How do I pay for my move?
If you are moving locally, your move can be paid for with cash or credit card. Moves out of the area may be paid by cash, certified funds or credit cards.
Do you provide packing materials?
We have a wide variety of packing material available to purchase. Additionally, on local moves we provide wardrobes on move day at no extra charge. We also have used material available at reduced costs and frequently at no charge when available.
Do you supply wardrobe boxes?
We have 8 - 10 wardrobe boxes on the truck at any time. They are great for your hanging clothes.
Do I need to empty dressers?
99 times out of 100 you do not need to empty dressers, unless of course, they contain breakable items.
More Information
The first step is to set up an appointment for an estimate. Just contact us and set up an appointment at your convenience. An experienced moving professional will visit you and answer all of your questions, explain our guarantees and provide you with a written estimate. There is no cost obligation for an estimate. We will be happy to help you arrange your move.